Day 4

24 Apr

Today’s Cardio Recovery actually left me wanting more (insert shock here). I’m willing to bet its the enthusiasm of a new workout that led me to finish today’s 35 minute workout and wonder what else I could do today to burn some calories, but regardless of the reasons why… I’m not one to deny myself when I ACTUALLY want to do more. I admit I didn’t think I was going to make while we held/pulsed in a squat position for what seemed like an eternity in today’s video, but this was a nice low-intensity workout that still had my muscles burning.

So, because I just can’t deprive myself on the days I want to keep going… I took a few stretch band moves I’ve learned from on-land swimming routines and my month with p90x, and I did a little upper body work to supplement this workout. 3 rotations of 4 exercises with the band: wide grip pull downs, narrow grip pull downs, reverse grip pull downs, and standing rows. According to the weather channel, its going to be 90 degrees this week (last week of April) in my little corner of SW China, so gotta tone these bad boys up for sleeveless season!

For those of you curious about the workout schedule for Insanity, I’ll post it here. I started on a Thursday because I have a lighter work sched Thurs-Sun, so I figured it would be easier to get the workout started.

This is the 9 week Insanity calendar that I'm following for this 60 Day Fitness Challenge (with the occasional modification/supplement)


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