Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance

23 Apr

After a few Friday night beers, there was plenty to sweat out this Saturday morning. What is it about these videos that has me dripping after only the warm up? This workout featured push-ups, a lot of jump training, core work, and one pathetic ex-athlete.

Highlights: Plenty of eye candy jumping around shirtless in the gym… and jumping around my 6th floor apartment, likely leaving my downstairs neighbors wondering what’s wrong with the foreigner upstairs.

Confession. During the month of March I did the first 4 weeks of p90x. It is actually what led me to finding Insanity. P90 was a great workout, and is probably the reason why I’m not dead after the first 3 days of Insanity…. It would be great for anyone with access to a gym or a good set of weights. Since I’m in the Peace Corps, I just didn’t have the weights to feel like I was getting much from the workouts. The appeal so far with Insanity is that it doesn’t require equipment. Good for a workout just about anywhere.


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