Day 4

24 Apr

Today’s Cardio Recovery actually left me wanting more (insert shock here). I’m willing to bet its the enthusiasm of a new workout that led me to finish today’s 35 minute workout and wonder what else I could do today to burn some calories, but regardless of the reasons why… I’m not one to deny myself when I ACTUALLY want to do more. I admit I didn’t think I was going to make while we held/pulsed in a squat position for what seemed like an eternity in today’s video, but this was a nice low-intensity workout that still had my muscles burning.

So, because I just can’t deprive myself on the days I want to keep going… I took a few stretch band moves I’ve learned from on-land swimming routines and my month with p90x, and I did a little upper body work to supplement this workout. 3 rotations of 4 exercises with the band: wide grip pull downs, narrow grip pull downs, reverse grip pull downs, and standing rows. According to the weather channel, its going to be 90 degrees this week (last week of April) in my little corner of SW China, so gotta tone these bad boys up for sleeveless season!

For those of you curious about the workout schedule for Insanity, I’ll post it here. I started on a Thursday because I have a lighter work sched Thurs-Sun, so I figured it would be easier to get the workout started.

This is the 9 week Insanity calendar that I'm following for this 60 Day Fitness Challenge (with the occasional modification/supplement)


Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance

23 Apr

After a few Friday night beers, there was plenty to sweat out this Saturday morning. What is it about these videos that has me dripping after only the warm up? This workout featured push-ups, a lot of jump training, core work, and one pathetic ex-athlete.

Highlights: Plenty of eye candy jumping around shirtless in the gym… and jumping around my 6th floor apartment, likely leaving my downstairs neighbors wondering what’s wrong with the foreigner upstairs.

Confession. During the month of March I did the first 4 weeks of p90x. It is actually what led me to finding Insanity. P90 was a great workout, and is probably the reason why I’m not dead after the first 3 days of Insanity…. It would be great for anyone with access to a gym or a good set of weights. Since I’m in the Peace Corps, I just didn’t have the weights to feel like I was getting much from the workouts. The appeal so far with Insanity is that it doesn’t require equipment. Good for a workout just about anywhere.

Insanity Day 2

22 Apr

Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit. My living room tile floor might now be covered in a thick layer of sweat. This workout was a challenge to say the least! It had me sweating right from the warmup. By the finish of the workout, I was a bit behind the video group in pushups and plank running… but I suppose that means there’s improvement to be had? Haha.

Thoughts: If I have abs like the people on this video by the end of Insanity, then I’ll surely stick it out.

Insanity Day 1

22 Apr

Day 1 of Insanity is the Fit Test. Not too difficult, but gave me an idea of what the exercises are going to be like. 8 exercises, lots of room for improvement. Here were my results:

Switch Kicks: 105, Power Jacks: 38, Power Knees: 60, Power Jumps: 26, Globe Jumps: 7, Suicide Jumps: 13, Push-up Jacks: 14, Low Plank Oblique: 33

I may just be insane for doing this…

21 Apr

Almost exactly 2 years ago I hung up my cap and goggles, tucked my bathing suits away in a back drawer somewhere I hoped I’d soon forget, and retired from 17 long years of competitive swimming. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t despise swimming, and it wasn’t that I was burned out from years of back-and-forth or screaming Nazi coaches. In fact, I loved my years of swimming. It was just that I longed for the things every female swimmer wishes for: slender shoulders and skin that doesn’t stink of chlorine.

So after retiring, I did as many U.S. recession graduates did, and I moved back home with my parents. I gave myself the gift of a nice gym membership, and told myself I would go out there and experience all that the fitness world had to offer outside of the natatorium.

This started out just fine at first, but as the year progressed, I found nothing could hold my attention the way swimming did. First I tried  personal trainer, then moved on to designing a workout for myself. Craving the thrill of competition, I ran my first 5k… and my first 10k… but slowly grew tired or running and jumped back in the pool. I attended yoga classes, biked, jogged… almost anything you could imagine, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to keep up with anything. With all of my working out I managed to stay in pretty decent shape, besides my newly developed noncommittal nature.

About a year ago I joined the Peace Corps and found myself in a country so unaccustomed to foreigners that simply walking down the street I met hecklers, points, stares, and the occasional crowd. For this reason, running or any form of outside exercise were simply impossible. With long volunteering hours, endless responsibilities, and one long winter without central heating, I found I had gained about 25 lbs since my swimming days.

After about a year, I’ve decided its high time to do something for myself. Since my workout options are limited, I recently got my hands on a copy of Beachbody’s Insanity. Tomorrow my challenge will begin: 60 days of Insanity workouts. Its my intention to chart my progress (or lack thereof) on this blog as… hopefully… a way of staying motivated, to laugh off my struggles, and keep track of progress.

My Goals?   Weight loss, to revive my former active persona, and to do something for myself after a long day of volunteering.

Tomorrow begins day 1… post your motivations here, because I’m sure to need them.